Globalization’s Dumping Ground


This is just a small example of what is referred to as a “Digital Dumping Ground” in countries such as Ghana, China, India, and Vietnam. It represents what globalization means to me mainly because it represents the negatives of increased technology development and of the easy distribution of goods. Developed countries such as the UK and even the United States have been found to “dump” their electronic wastes in areas such as the ones previously mentioned. There are laws working to control this distribution but countries are often able to bypass them by labeling the waste as donations. The minimal good that comes from this action is the fact that some of these “donations” make it to less fortunate people in developing countries, but more than half is left as waste. This poses many health threats to the citizens of developing countries as many try to burn the materials to extract precious metals to attempt to make a living. The fumes from this burning will eventually lead to death. In many cases what was once natural area, such as wetlands, becomes covered with this garbage, which works to completely transform an area for the worse. I think that, though globalization has many positive outcomes, this negative affect needs to be monitored much more closely and fixed as soon as possible. It’s honestly pretty disgusting that we, as the United States, can just disregard the biproducts of our wealth in exchange for the lives of those in struggling countries.

 More information is available in the video posted below.

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