Globalization Means

When I think globalization that first thing that sticks out to me is the root of the very word “globalization” : global. So, as my thought process progresses, I think that if something is global that means it applies to the entirety of the globe, to the entirety of the land, the oceans, the skies, etc. Globalization, then, is the forming of a unified front of different cultures and regions around the world to share the best parts of the their land, oceans, and skies with other cultures and regions who can then understand and appreciate those pieces of the globe and work in unison with the rest of the world to protect their beauty. For example, globalization could involve the transmission of images or knowledge about a virgin forest in South America to different continents on the globe. This transmission, then, would spark the interest of people that would have previously not known about the forest to protect said forest. Globalization could involve any transfer of information about any part of the globe because of the phenomena known as global communication that would allow for the knowledge of once only locally known areas of beauty to be spread all across the globe.

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